We, (Helen and Jenny), started our early morning walks just for fresh air and exercise, but they have turned into something more.  We have found that it is the chance to talk, discuss and offload worries as well as being in the beauty of nature and having fun!
Each walk is different and has its own character depending on what the weather is like, where we go and what we see.  We don’t plan them, we just turn up and start walking, making decisions which way to turn as we go along.  No maps are taken -  we follow footpaths when we can, but have found that, on occasion, we have had to double back to find a way home!

We have been so impressed by the number of walks there are in and around Shepton - narrow lanes, bridleways and footpaths as well as commons, woods and open countryside - right on our doorstep, that we have decided to start a blog.  There is no need to get the car out and drive anywhere, it can all be found here.  We will each be giving our thoughts and observations from our own personal viewpoint. 

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